Unstoppaball DX

Unstoppaball is a physics-puzzler, in which the the player tries to lead a fragile sphere through beautiful yet dangerous environments.

Unstoppaball features 30 levels in two distict artstyles ("aqueduct" and "cyberspace"), statistics and achievements, hidden challenges within the level, and a beautiful soundtrack.

It was made by me for the 5th semester of game-design school, where it received a perfect grade and remained the best game for another semester. It has been entered in the Kongregate/Unity-Contest of 2011, where it ranked 37th out of over 600 entries.

It has been nominated for Unity Award 2011. During this procedure it was presented at the Unite 11-conference in San Francisco. It can also be found on the unity-website, where it is listed as a noteworthy game made with Unity.

The game also competed in the IGF 2011.

It is also part of the successful 99%-Bundle.

Unstoppaball DX is the iPhone-port/sequel, and it is now available in the appstore, where it has been downloaded more than 25.000 times.

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Badass Locomotive

Badass Locomotive is the world's premier hat-based train-sumilator. You build train-tracks through a beautiful patchwork-environment, and collect hats and colors with which you can customize your train.

  • 20 unique level
  • 5 hats
  • 12 colors
  • 72 unique trains possible
Badass Locomotive is available for PC- and Mac-download via Desura, Indievania, IndieCity and Direct Purchase.

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5 Days 

Survive on your own for 5 days until rescue arrives, and explore the station where you are stranded.

You are an astronaut, who, after an unfortunate accident, is stranded on Mars with barely any ressources. Can you deal with the hunger and the need for air? Or will you resort to barbaric measures only to survive?


  • Immersive in-your-head ego-controls!
  • A moderately-sized station to explore!
  • Atmospheric soundtrack, pronouncing the inevitability of death
  • Deep puzzles, challenging your wits!
  • The largest amount of story I ever put in a game
  • Completely unrealistic pixel-y graphics
  • A cat in a pivotal role! 

5 Days was created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare. It scored exceptionally well, ranking out of 981 games total 

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Metal Sphere Solid

Last weekend was once again the Ludum-Dare-competition, during which I made this game in just under 2 days.

You are a Sphere, taken prisoner by the evil Cuboids. Try to escape. Avoid enemies. Avoid being seen. Be sneaky. Be stealthy. Escape!

  • Asthetically interesting environment
  • Atmospheric soundtrack
  • Physics-based controls
  • A heartwrenching story about friendship and escape!
  • Highscore-system, so you keep coming back to kick more ass
  • Geometry-based adversaries and allies
  • Completely unrealistic glowing spheres.
  • The largest amount of story I ever put in a game
 Out of 599 games Metal Sphere Solid ranked


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My Little Planetoid

My Little Planetoid was created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 23, for which the theme was "Tiny World".

You build a civilization, starting with farms and houses. Later you begin launching satellites and spaceships.

Out of 1402 games My Little Planetoid ranked 24th in Theme and 84th Overall, which is in the top 6%. Other rankings are


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Vertical Void

Vertical Void has been created both for Mini-Ludum-Dare and the Pirate Kart V, a collection of 700+ indiegames presented at the GDC.

You explore a procedurally generated cave-system, and try to get as far as possible.

The Soundtrack was created by Kevin Macleod

- Immersive in-your-head ego-controls!
- Automatic procedural awesome level-generation!
- Highscores! To see how well/horribly you performed!
- Glowy stuff!

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Rubidium was created in less than three weeks for the Unity "Flash in a Flash"-contest.

in Rubidium you control the flow and reactions of the elements, so that they can undergo reactions and reach their destinations.

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Let's Protest!

Created in 48 hours for Molyjam, based on an idea by @PeterMolydeux.
"Imagine a game in which you have to join protests to make changes to the rules within the game's world."
You join protests and change the world (literally). Weather boring you? Protest for a new one! Irritated by the movement-controls? Protest!

Featuring music by Maverlyn Darkstar.  

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Push The Button - Gain a Level!

Push The Button was created in 1 hour during the Zero-Hour-gamejam.

It's is a satire-game. You progress in rank by completing missions, which are accomplished by pressing a button, set to orchestral music.

The soundtrack was created by Maverlyn Darkstar

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5 Days in Charleroi

5 Days in Charleroi is an ego-shooter-level set in World War I.

The player explores a derelict and abandoned battlefield, trying to find his way through the destruction.


Dodge Em

Dodge Em is a small flash-game, in which the player tries to make it as far as possible through an increasingly hostile asteroid-field.

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Dirt Driller

Dirt Driller is a runner-type game, in which the player controls a drill, trying to gather crystals and avoiding obstacles.

I made this in less than 48 hours for the Mini-Ludum-Dare-Contest of Mai 2011.

Themes could be freely chosen from 10 available. The themes of Dirt Driller are "loosely" drill, descend, dirt and dig.

The Soundtrack was created by Kevin Macleod.

- Automated random procedural awesome level generation
- Third-person Drill controls
- Atmospheric and claustrophobic surroundings
- Implemented Highscores, to keep you coming back to kick some ass
- Quite fitting awesome soundtrack

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A Steampunk Axebot Supply Run

The game I created for my first Ludum-Dare-contest.

Three Steampunk Axebots are marching toward the castle of the evil Prof. Malevolent to destroy him. But they will fail, if you do not keep them supplied with repair-kits, which you send them by piloting rockets.

-Colorful Comic-look
-Cool soundtrack
-First-Person Rocket control
-Steampunk Robots with Axe-Hands. So far unique in gaming and culture overall.

The game can be played here.

A Steampunk Axebot Supply Run got the following results in the competition, from 289 entries.


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Kill All Hitlers - The Führercide

So I whipped this out in a few hours to get it out of my head.

It's nice to sea how it is both WWII- and art-game. And a political statement. And how it easily has the most story of all my games. And it's either the best or the worst thing I ever created.


Submarine Torpedo Blaster

Submarine Torpedo Blaster is a 3d-Shooter in a virtual realitysetting. The player controls a submarine through several missions

The game can be played here.

The soundtrack was created by Maverlyn Darkstar.



This game was created in 48 hourds for the Global Game Jam 2012. You control a snake a various trials against other serpents and have to prove yourself.

Ourob-Nom-Rous was received well and was voted "Most adherent to theme" of the Jam-Site Bremen.

Maurice Döhle and Philip Göttsche also collaborated.

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