Ludum-Dare-Results are in!

And out of 2200+ games, Every Ten Seconds A Kitten Drowns fared quite well :)


First place in coolness (as the last 5 times) is neat. It also was the most-rated game, dwarfing all previous rating-numbers :D

Go Play!



Hey Guys

In addition to iOS and Android, Vertical Void DX is now on Ouya!

It features an all-new interface, improved visuals, more fidelity, and improved stability.

Go check it out, you can find it on the Ouya-Store :D


100% Indie

Unstoppaball DX is now out on the Samsung App Store, under the 100% Indie Initiative.

You can access it over a wide variety of Samsung-Phones & Tablets running Android.

Go check it out!