Badass Release!

The world's premier hat-based train-simulator is now available for Mac and PC!

Go check out the shop for all available services. You can get it from Indievania, Indiecity and Directly from me

Coming soon: Desura.

More information on

Badass Trailer

Hey everybody,

Go check out the new trailer for Badass Locomotive:

Out June 29th.

Glowing Lines

So I figured out how to build an audio-visualizer in Unity. Enjoy

I'm not sure what to use it for. Yet.


Badass Locomotive Package

So I made this

(there's a game on that disc too)

Badass Locomotive will be out June 30th for PC-download. There will be an online-demo.

I'll release it to iOS once I've figured out how to port the controls.



So I dug through my old files and found this little trailer

Yes. This game

I worked on in at game-design-school in 2009 (meanwhile my trailer-skills have improved considerably ).

Dodos!!! is a pc-board-game about a pride of sabretooth-cats fighting against the zombie-like dodos.

I made the trailer after the project actually ended, using static concept-art. I'll admit it's a bit drawn out sometimes (i.e. nothing happens), but I love the music and editing.

Features Artwork by
Maurice Döhle
Alexander Bugge
Niels Puschke
and yours truly.