It's going to be a busy month

Here are some news:
  • I reworked the blog. It now features a games-page (finally), sleaker navigation and awesome buttons. I love those buttons.
  • Games-page now includes all my games that didn't get proper posts/pages, like Rubidium, Vertical Void, 5 Days and Ourob-Nom-Rous.
  • I'll re-do the portfolio tomorrow.
  • This weekend is Molyjam. I'm not sure I can participate, as other stuff needs doing. My chosen theme is "Protest in the gameworld to change the rules within it"
  • I live in Berlin now.
  • Due to my recent relocation I only have rudimentary internet. I feel so ... 1998.
  • Ludum-Dare (Anniversary-edition) is on the 21./22. of April. I'll participate (and kick butt), but my internet-situation won't make it easy.
  • I'll be at the AMAZE-IndieConnect on the 26. and 27., come say hi. I've entered Unstoppaball in the competition.
  • On the 28. is the Making Games Talents. Again, say hi.
  • I'm working on a major project right now, to be released mid-june.
  • I've joined 1 Month Game, where I will chronicle the progress on said project. I hope the game proper (without PR, release, iPhone-port) will be done by then.
  • Reviews! Vertical Void, Unstoppaball DX. A chinese thread on Unstoppaball. Judging from the emoticons, I guess they like it ...?
  • I've found a Let's Play of Metal Sphere Solid and gameplay-vids of Vertical Void (no links, as they are rather boring). I'm proud that people think my games are good enough to warrant video-creation :).

More eco-things

My "Short look at Eco-Games" is now a featured blog-post on Gamasutra. Feel free to take a look. Or scroll down, alternatively.



The wonderful Danny Goodayle has compiled a list of advice for novice indie-developers, with a large portion provided by me.
When you “Fail” at making a game, it’s not the end of the world. You should ask yourself:
  • What went wrong?
  • Why didn’t it work?
  • What could you change?
Start from square one and finish that game.
Go read.