Pirate-Kart / Ludum Dare / Voids

This weekend was Pirate-Kart-V and Mini Ludum Dare #32. I was more interested in the Pirate-Kart, a collection of currently 700+ indiegames to send to the Game Developers Conference, but the date made it possible to make something for both events.

I created Vertical Void, a game about exploring a cave-system and trying to get as deep as possible.

- Immersive in-your-head ego-controls!
- Automatic procedural awesome level-generation!
- Highscores! To see how well/horribly you performed!
- Glowy stuff!

Right now the highscores on Kongregate are borked. I've worked for 23 versions on it, and I've come to the conclusion that my code is correct, and the error is on their side. Oh well.

I'm getting the hang of the procedural level-system I previously used in Dirt Driller (spiritual predecessor), and again learned a lot. It's actually a bit scary seeing how easily I handle things that would've confounded me just a year ago.

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