My game on the Game-Design-School website!

My ball-minigame, which I made within two days a few months ago, will maybe be featured on the new Design-Schule-Schwerin website! (And possible print-brochure. Which would be much more awesome.)

The objective was to create a Pacman-Clone in 3rd-person. After figuring out that it wouldn't work, I tripped everything but the basics and created a new game on top of that.

Currently I'm working on a complete version of said game (with 4 months development time instead of 2 days), which will appear on this site.



Should have made another screenshot without textures.


Daedalic Internship Post-Mortem

My three months with Daedalic are over, and it's time to return to Game-Design-School.


Friends met in Hamburg: 4
Projects worked on: 6,5
Job on primary project: 6
Nice people met: ca. 55
New friends made: many
Impression made: very good

By the lovely Simone.